LED Lighting Decoration

6W IP54 Rishang 3D Flexible LED Strip Light with blue Color

Rishang Optoelectronics Co., Ltd.
  • Certification:FDA, GS, SAA, VDE, FCC, CCC, LVD, UL, EMC, RoHS, CE
  • Power:7W,M
  • Emitting Color:White
  • Voltage:12V
  • IP Rating:IP54
  • LED Type:2835

Base Info

  • Model NO.:RKPW60TA-A-2
  • Luminous Efficacy:660(Lm,W)
  • LED Qty:30 LEDs,M
  • PCB Width:6.8 mm
  • Lifespan:9000 Hours
  • Warranty:2 Years
  • Luminous Flux:86(Lm,M)
  • Transport Package:Carton Box
  • Specification:100000*6.8mm
  • Trademark:RISHANG
  • Origin:Shenzhen, China
  • HS Code:9405409000
  • Production Capacity:1, 000, 000m,Month


Basic Info.

Model NO. RKPW60TA-A-2 Luminous Efficacy 660(Lm/W) LED Qty 30 LEDs/M PCB Width 6.8 mm Lifespan 9000 Hours Warranty 2 Years Luminous Flux 86(Lm/M) Transport Package Carton Box Specification 100000*6.8mm Trademark RISHANG Origin Shenzhen, China HS Code 9405409000 Production Capacity 1, 000, 000m/Month

Product Description

Rishang 3D LED strip light
Patented product High-end quality, Super cost-effective. Patent No.:2021307704764 3D LED strip light(rectangle);
Wide range of products, Accurately meet the requirements of various.
suitable for stainless steel characters, borderless characters, flat characters. 
 1)High brightness;
 2)Easy to bend;
 3)Good stickiness back adhesive;
 4)Strong tensile strength;
 5)High efficiency.
More colors more color temperature, Fully meet the diverse needs of customers.
1)White -2700K/3000K/4000K/5000K/6500K/12000K;
2)Single color-Red/Green/Blue/Golden/Pink/Ice blue.
Large chip LED light source, high brightness and long life.
 1)High brightness;
 2)Three LEDs per cutting mark;
 3)More stable quality.
Long board FPC, PI film circuit board, better tensile resistance.
 1)Good flexibility, easy to bend;
 2)Better tensile resistance;
 3)High temperature resistance;
 4) Easy to install.
Using sticky heat-conduction back-adhesive.
 1) Good heat dissipation;
 2)Strong stickiness;
 3)High temperature resistance.

P/NLED ColorCCT (K)CRISDCMBeam Angle(°)Luminous Flux(Im/m)Luminous Efficacy(Im/W)Working voltage(VDC)Power (W/m)
6W IP54 Rishang 3D Flexible LED Strip Light with blue Color6W IP54 Rishang 3D Flexible LED Strip Light with blue Color6W IP54 Rishang 3D Flexible LED Strip Light with blue Color6W IP54 Rishang 3D Flexible LED Strip Light with blue Color6W IP54 Rishang 3D Flexible LED Strip Light with blue Color
6W IP54 Rishang 3D Flexible LED Strip Light with blue Color6W IP54 Rishang 3D Flexible LED Strip Light with blue Color6W IP54 Rishang 3D Flexible LED Strip Light with blue Color6W IP54 Rishang 3D Flexible LED Strip Light with blue Color6W IP54 Rishang 3D Flexible LED Strip Light with blue Color6W IP54 Rishang 3D Flexible LED Strip Light with blue Color

About us:

Rishang Optoelectronics Co., LTD., honored as National High-tech Enterprise and Shenzhen High-tech Enterprise, is a professional high-tech LED strip illumination company in researching, manufacturing, marketing. Rishang focuses on LED strip field for more than 14 years. It developed independently the first full-automatic SMT module production line and the first LED strip automatic glue-dispensing and curing production line in China, and it is the first company that established the light efficiency simulation and test center of LED signage lighting industry, led to the drafting of occupation standard in LED strip lighting industry.
   It has more than 213 patents, and a variety of products meet requirements of the CE, UL and RoHS Certificates. Rishang has a significant amount of achievements, such as being certificated by ISO9001 Quality Management System, being honored as "Top 100 Enterprises of LED Lighting Applications in China" several times.
  Rishang LED strips are widely applied in main lighting, like hotel, shopping mall, private house, closet, display rack and etc, indirect lighting, troffer lighting, contouring, decorative illumination and etc. Our business partners are more than 1000 enterprises which include well-known enterprises at home and abroad. Presently, the company sales and service outlets are spread all over the world, with several LED strip domestic operations centers and distribution agencies, international sales department, and Rishang LED GmbH. Products has been well exported to over 153 countries and districts.
As the leading model of LED strip lighting industry,Rishang will adhere to the operation principle of 'attentiveness and innovation' and continuously create greater product for our customers.


1, Can you help me with technical advice?
Yes ,we are also Expert Lighting Consultants. A large component of our business is designing lighting plans and specifying lights for residential and commercial projects. 
What sets us apart from other on-line stores is that we offer our customers expert advice on all aspects of their project. Whether you require advice on styling/numbers/spacing/sizing of lights, switching, drivers etc, our team can competently assist our customers or their Electrician to ensure their lighting plan and installation meets their requirements. 

2, What happens if my order arrives damaged?
If you receive damaged goods, please notify us within 7 days via email with images of the damaged product and packaging. If the goods have been damaged in transit we will offer you a replacement part or full replacement.

3, What is the difference between 12V and 24V strip lights?
12 volt and 24 volt strips are extremely similar. They look the same, are capable of the same light output, and have identical costs. There are some key differences between the two which matter depending on application. For instance 12 volt strips can be connected directly to your vehicle's 12 volt electrical system. While 24 volt strips on the other hand allow for longer runs, or higher densities of LEDs over their 12 volt counterparts. For the maximum run of a strip see Max Run in the specification table for more information.

4, How long of a run can I make my strip?
The Max Run of an LED strip is dependent on two things, voltage and density. 24 volt strips in most instances will give you a longer run than a 12 volt strip. However the LED density of the strip will have an effect on the maximum run. If your install needs to extend beyond a strips Max Run additional power feeds can be run back to your power supply. Please refer to the Max Run spec listed in the specification table of each product information page for specific information about each strip

5, What is color temperature? Which one is best?
Correlated Color Temperature is the hue, or tint of white to expect from a light source and is measured in kelvin. Lower numbers give off a warmer white that is closer to candle light, and is good for relaxed and cozy spaces. Higher numbers give off a cooler white light that will appear more blueish. While values to the middle of the spectrum give off a more neutral or natural white light that is similar to daylight. Natural and cool white are considered ideal for task lighting.

6, What accessories do I need?
The only thing you need for certain to power a strip light is a power supply. We offer accessories used for installation, such as connectors and aluminum mounting channels. As well as others that add functionality such as such as dimmers, switches, and remote controls. Complete kits are also offered which include everything you need to get started.