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SMT Offline Type 6500cph LED PCB Assemble Line LED600 (TORCH)

Termway (Beijing) Precision Technology Co., Ltd.
  • Certification:CCC, CE
  • Power:<6W
  • Voltage:220V
  • IP Rating:IP65
  • Mount Head:2 PCS
  • Max Circuit Board Size:1200*300mm

Base Info

  • Model NO.:LED600
  • Typical Mounting Speed:6000-65000 Cph
  • Position Method:Visual Position
  • Component Available:0402and Above SMD Component and LED, Sot, Sop
  • Belt Feeder:8mm, 12mm, 16mm and 24mm
  • Feeder Num:2 PCS of Gf Series Feeder Can Be Set
  • Operation System:Windows XP
  • Compressed Air:80 Psi(0.5MPa)
  • Power Supply:220V, 50Hz, 3 Kw
  • Transport Package:Wooden Package
  • Specification:ISO
  • Trademark:TORCH
  • Origin:Beijing, China
  • Production Capacity:30 PCS ,Mounth




Mount head

2 Pcs

Max circuit board size


Max moving range

X axis 1500mm, Y axis 360mm

Max moving range of Z axis


Typical Mounting speed

6000-6500 CPH

Max mount speed


Mount accuracy


Position method

Machinery position

Component available

0603and above SMD component and LED

Programme method

Automatic data import/ video study/ keyboard input

Belt feeder

8mm, 12mm, 16mm and 24mm

Feeder num

2 pcs of GF series feeder can be set

Operation system


Compressed air

80 psi(0.5Mpa)

Power supply

220V,50Hz, 3 Kw






1. The first industry of special LED chip mounter using servo control system.

2. The first industrial using high precision ball screw drive LED chip mounter

3. The only one can reliable mount 20mm following SOP, diode, triode, SOT and more than 0603 apart (higher than 5m aluminum electrolytic capacitor)

4. Only a configuration own patent intelligent electronic feeder of LED automatic chip mounter

5. Only one complete the programming and placement of LED panel board

6. The only one to achieve off line programming feature LED placement machine.

7. The only one an video programming LED full automatically placement machine.

8. Powerful data input feature, can satisfy any format PCB data import.

9. The only one can reliable mount 0603 components LED full automatically placement machine.

10. The equipment with safe cover, protect the personal safe effectively, at the same time anti dust.

11. Can be configured more than 5 nozzle, softeware note you change nozzle automatically.

12. Actual mounting speed is 6000CPH. 




1  Board driving system uses high precision stepper motor driving industrial belt, cooperating with precision guide-rail to achieve the improvement on placement accuracy and board driving speed

2  Mounting head driving system uses servo motor, together with high precision ball screw to achieve the completion of the LED component picking and placing.

3.  2 groups of mount head improves production efficiency of 60% than 1 group.

4 Visual programming automatically, without input component coordinates by hand. Programming is simple, easy for beginners to learn.

5  Different sizes of feeder can meet different requirements of LED mount.

6. Cost-effective LED chip machine is most suitable for high-volume LED production.

7 The whole machine is controlled by industrial computer with professional software, easy to operate and use.

8 Easy to import CAD data of the circuit board.

9 Stable and easy to complete the programming and placement of LED panel board

10 Panel board coordinates can be displayed in the software, fine adjustment for these coordinates to achieve high-precision placement.

11 The space of panel board can be set in software, all component placing coordinates will be showed according to the space of panel board, and the panels that need not to mount can be selected out.

12 If the board have manufacturing quality problems, LED600 can shift the component place for accurate mounting.

13 Software can realize to achieve automatically double mounting head function.

14 Software increases the XYZ axis detection limit when moves

15 software increases 6 grades speed changing function, you can check out the best speed setting according to the distance check sheet and to do speed adjustment, which can increase the stability for long time usage.

16 PCB platform has vacuum absorb function, which can help large-size PCB board position accurately, improve placement accuracy. Meanwhile, it can complete soft flexible light strip of (FPC) position and mount. (Optional).


Cooling fan
SMT Offline Type 6500cph LED PCB Assemble Line LED600 (TORCH)


Max Place 12Pcs Feeder 
SMT Offline Type 6500cph LED PCB Assemble Line LED600 (TORCH)

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