Guangzhou Rohtem Hi-Tech Co., Limited

Guangzhou Rohtem Hi-Tech Company

We are a company of LED technology and PV products, with a Sino-foreign background, with our fast development; We have set up a branch abroad, and have our factories in Guangzhou and Zhongshan.

We mainly produce solar products, including also solar street lamp, electric and solar powered car, industrial solar power system, home solar system, solar pump, solar fridge, solar air conditioner, insecticide solar lamp, and solar traffic light, for our LED products series we have LED floodlight, LED water lamp, LED ceiling light, LED chandelier, LED wall washer, LED tube, LED ground lights, LED bulbs, LED panel lights, LED kitchen lights and so on. Our products are exported around the world, and our quality and efficiency shows our strength and integrity.

We have a strict QC department; We have equipment and machinery that can meet our production varieties, we have a team of sales that are proficient in different foreign languages, who can also provide good services in time, we understand that technology will change the way we see the future, saving and conserving energy, a green Earth is our dream, our products and services are praised by our customers!